InKAS 2013 TESOL (21-10/20-12)

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InKAS would like to invite any Korean adoptees living in Korea that are interested in our TESOL online course to attend our TESOL orientation on OCTOBER 10TH, 2013 19:00 at the InKAS office.

2013 TESOL Certification Online Course Overview:

120 hour certification course by the Academy of Languages & Training Canada ( Participants must be overseas Korean adoptees who will be present in Korea during the entire course period.

Course Dates: October 21st – December 20th, 2013.

Course Structure: 80% course online, 20% course at InKAS

Course Fee: 200,000 KRW (all course materials online)

RSVP: Please email to if you would like to attend the orientation. More details on the course will be presented at that time.

Best Regards,

InKAS Team

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