Rainbow rice cake

Mujigae ddeok
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  • Soft tofu stew

    Soondubu jjigae
    순두부 찌개
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  • Noodles with blackbean sauce

    자장면 / 짜장면
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  • Stir fried noodles with vegetables

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  • Spicy fermented cabbage and spicy fermented radish

    Kimchi, kaktugi
    김치, 깍두기
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  • These are photos sent to me by readers who cooked my recipes.
    If you want to add your photo to this gallery, join the Korean food Flickr group
    or send me your photo and I will add it.
    There are more photos on my photos page.

    Michelle Kwon's kimchi sujebiDiana's koreancooking수정과단팥죽Squid (Ohjinguh) BulgogiMichelle Kwon's non-spicy-soondubujjigaeMorgan Gill's  bibimbap (mixed rice with vegetables, meat, and hot sauce)Michelle's non-spicy sujebiMichelle Kwon's kimchijjigaeIrene's  stir-fried noodles with vegetables (japchae)Brigitte Papadakis' cabbage and soybean paste soup (baechudoenjangguk)Homemade kimchilittle jewelsGenie's kimchi sujebi (hand torn noodle soup with kimchi)Jenny's bibimbapJenny's kimchiBroccoli Pickles!Alex Tam's  soft tofu stew (soondubujjigae)Kim L's non spicy kimchiTada!  Baechu KimchiDaryl Morgan's Bibimbap

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