2014 KSS Korean Language Course Scholarship

This year KSS has a fund to sponsor 10 overseas adoptees who wish to learn the Korean language in Korea as below.  We would like you to share this information with the adoptees and their families and to recommend the applicants for this scholarship to KSS.

1.  Eligibility:

① Must be over 20 years old
② Must have high school diploma or higher education

2.  School: Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea (www.yskli.com)

3.  Term Period: At most 10 week course

4.  Requirements:

① Application Form
② Essay
③ Copy of Passport

5.  Scholarship: KSS pays the tuition for each applicant.

6.  Others:

① The applicants are required to send the copy of the transcript from the University to KSS after this program.
② KSS is an emergency contact for them in Korea.
③ The applicants are responsible for any kind of accidents during their stay in Korea for this program.
④ KSS provides them with the documents for applying for Korean F-4 visa, if needed.

Download application

“This program was started in 2012 and we will keep this program for adoptees who are interested in learning Korean language.  You can choose one of Yonsei University Programs like as Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter of 2014 and let us know when you are registered in one of these courses.  Then we will confirm this registration from the university and send the school tuition for the adoptee.  It’s a first come, first served basis.  For more information on this course, you can visit Yonsei University’s website, www.yskli.com.  Thank you for your interest.”


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