Donderdag 18 april Korean Company Job Fair 2019

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Dreaming of a career at a South Korean or Dutch international company?
Are you interested in a challenging internship or job opportunity at a South Korean or Dutch multi-national company in the Netherlands? Then come and join us at the Korean Company Job Fair! Meet potential employers and learn more about the career opportunities offered by the participating companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations of your interests.
Leading South Korean and Dutch firms from various industries will be present at the Korean Company Job Fair. We would like to encourage all participants to attend and explore prospective internships or job opportunities offered by these firms. While some are seeking talents from specialized majors, many companies want to employ students and graduates with various academic backgrounds and experiences.
We welcome all job seekers who aim to pursue a career in the Netherlands. You will have the chance to meet employers from various industries at one location. You will also be provided with a unique opportunity to acquire essential job market information and expand your personal career network. Only registered applicants can attend job interviews and the seminar.
The Korean company career day is part of a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program by South Korean companies invested in the Netherlands with the purpose of contributing to the Dutch society through job sharing.

Visitor Information
o Date: Thursday, April 18, 2019
o Time : 10:00– 17:00
o Location : Conference Hall 1,2,4,6,8 – WTC Amsterdam
o Organizer: KOTRA
Companies that will participate in 2019
Korean companies, such as Korean Airlines. Samsung SDS Smart Logistics B.V., Samsung Electronics Benelux B.V. LG Electronics Benelux Sales B.V. LG CNS Europe B.V. Hyundai Hi-Power Service Europe B.V. SK Lubricants Europe B.V. Hyundai Motors Netherlands, Kia Motors,. Hankook Tire Netherlands B.V., NEXFIL BV, LS Industrial Systems Europe B.V. Korean Exchange Bank(HANA Bank), JVM Europe BV, Celltrion,
More participating companies will be announced at a later date.
Job interviews and the seminar are limited to registered participants only. Please send an e-mail including your resume. Please be aware that we may share your resume with participating companies only, for pre-selection. A valid registration code and interview schedule will be issued to all registered participants by April 16th.
Please send your resume or questions to before the 5th of April.
See You at WTC Amsterdam, 18th of April!

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