IIIHR 2016 Spring Program

International Korean Adoptee scholarship Program Students Recruitment (2016 Spring semester)

iiihrIIIHR’s (Inje Institute for International Human Resources) International Korean Program is now accepting applications for 2016 Spring Program and would like to invite people who want to learn practical Korean and Korean Culture.

IIIHR is a non-profit educational institution attached to Inje University, located in Gimhae, Gyeongnam Province, Korea, and the Korean program was founded in 2001 and has hosted over 233 Korean adoptees and international Koreans from all around the world.

The program was created as a way for international Korean adoptees to return to Korea and learn more about its language, history, and culture. Now we would like to invite overseas Koreans from immigrant families who want to know about Korean culture and the language, so all interested parties are welcome.

Spring Semester is 14 weeks long (March 7th – June 10th), and the deadline for your applications is December 31, 2015. You can choose one of the three different options below.

1) Tuition fee: 1000USD
If you want to stay off campus or have accommodations near the campus, you can choose this option. Your tuition will cover classes and day trips for the whole semester.

2) Tuition fee + Dormitory (I.E.T) + two meals (breakfast and dinner): 1700USD
If you want to live on campus and have breakfast and dinner every day, you can choose this option. Your tuition will cover classes, day trips, dormitory, and cafeteria meals (breakfast and dinner for seven days a week).

3) Tuition fee + Dormitory (I.E.T) + three meals: 2000USD
It will cover classes, day trips, dormitory, cafeteria meals (breakfast and dinner for seven days a week and lunch for weekdays).

All participants will take classes in the Korean Language, Culture, Cooking, Movies, Music, Tea Manners and Taekwondo. The classes will be composed of approximately 10 students and taught in English. Participants will visit cultural and historic sites as a day or weekend trip. The students who choose Option 2) or 3) will live on campus with their Korean roommate, and share their talents with the local community. Participants will also have access to Inje University’s student organizations, gym, main library, and computers. In addition, a Korean tutor (Inje University student) and a host family (Inje University’s faculty, staff, and students) will help each participant while he or she is staying in Korea.

Unless there are fewer than 5 applicants by the deadline, the program will be canceled.

For more information, see 2016 IIIHR information.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at iiihr.inje@hotmail.com or or www.home.inje.ac.kr/~iiihr.

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