Spiritual journey to Korea with full scholarship

Full scholarship for 2 weeks journey to Korea
7/30 – 8/15/2020

wonderful opportunity to explore your roots: heritage, mother land & spirituality

This is a  two-week-long Spiritual Journey to Korea and Inner Healing Retreat- including visiting historical sites in Korea such as the DMZ, Mt.My-Yee, and  Dukyu while staying with Korean Christian host families in four cities: Seoul, Busan, Daegu, and Jeonju. Other activities include attending worship services, shopping, adoption agency visits, and an inner healing retreat. Each participant will receive a full scholarship to cover this two-week journey cost including round trip airfare to Korea (value over $6,000). 


 Who is eligible?

 Adult Korean Adoptees (21 – 45 years old) who are interested in visiting Korea for the first time, exploring cultural and spiritual roots. 


When is the due date?  

The application deadline is 3/15/2020  


How to apply? 

Visit  www.kamcenter.org, print, complete the application form and return it by 3/15/2020  


What can you expect?
Participants receive a full scholarship to cover the Journeyer’s expenses for the two week period including round-trip airfare, room/board, and transportation.  


Some questions journeyers will consider: 
 – Who am I?  
– Where do I belong?  
– What is my purpose of life?  
– Am I able to live a peaceful, joyful and abundant life?


– E-mail: kamcenter@gmail.com;        
Web: www.kamcenter,org;          Phone: 651-324-0208 


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